Ssshhh! Somebody's Watching You: Photographer Captures Intimate Pictures Of Lovers In Delhi’s Lodhi Garden Lost in Wooing Arms, Soft Kisses and Some Sweet Nothings

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The world does not have enough places for lovers. This is why young love can be seen blossoming in public parks and in half ruined forts and monuments. You will relate to this if you have ever been to one of those lake-sided parks in Delhi. Amidst the blooming nature there is also love blooming behind the bushes and beneath the trees.
Probably the most popular and private spot for lovers in the city is the famous (read infamous) Lodhi Garden. Yes, the one in South Delhi, located closely to Hauz Khas Village. A safe place for the love birds if those who visit the garden with their friends and family mind just their own business, the only disturbing elements in the park are the eunuchs who bother the couple for small sums of money and pour them with dozens of blessings.
Photojournalist Mayank Austen Soofi captured the romance and love of Lodhi Garden with his discreet camera and brought back many love stories.
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