CCTV Footage Of These Unsuspected Couples Having Sex In The Alleyway Gets 64 MILLION VIEWS PER DAY On The World’s Biggest Porn Site!

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Private moments are often cherished by the couples but when those intimate moments happen publically, they become the talk of the town. One such incident happened when the intimate moments of five couples ana a threesome was caught in CCTV camera when they were having sex in a dark alleyway near The Point nightclub in Sunderland.
CCTV footage of these young party goers which including one threesome was then uploaded on the Porn Hub website and since then it is attracted 92 billion views from an audience of 64 million daily viewers since last year. The video clip has 1.5 billion of hits and nasty comments, like “Up against the wall . . . hot as f***!”  
The footage appears to have been filmed during one weekend in November 2001 but was posted online in 2015. However, it is still not clear as to who owns the camera. 
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